I thought I knew what to do

Before starting the 21 Day Fix I thought I knew how to lose weight. Diet and exercise! I kept track of my food intake and walked everyday – sometimes 3 miles, sometimes 10 miles! But no weight change to show for it except for weight gain. What?! Why?

Little did I know the foods I was eating was hindering my performance, sleep and moods. Everyday I was putting too much food on my plate and not enough good, healthy food to keep me full and feeling balanced.

Using the portion control containers opened my eyes to how much food we really need and how to incorporate a healthy diet into your every day life. I never knew how easy this could be. Fill the contain, put it on your plate, eat and lose weight! Simple yet so effective. I love how this program has made me realize the value of food and how important it is to eat well-rounded meals every day. It truly is life altering.


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