I thought I knew what to do

Before starting the 21 Day Fix I thought I knew how to lose weight. Diet and exercise! I kept track of my food intake and walked everyday – sometimes 3 miles, sometimes 10 miles! But no weight change to show for it except for weight gain. What?! Why?

Little did I know the foods I was eating was hindering my performance, sleep and moods. Everyday I was putting too much food on my plate and not enough good, healthy food to keep me full and feeling balanced.

Using the portion control containers opened my eyes to how much food we really need and how to incorporate a healthy diet into your every day life. I never knew how easy this could be. Fill the contain, put it on your plate, eat and lose weight! Simple yet so effective. I love how this program has made me realize the value of food and how important it is to eat well-rounded meals every day. It truly is life altering.



I’m so EXCITED!! Like cowing jumping over the moon excited that I’m almost of the verge of tears. I’m NO LONGER OBESE!!! What does this mean? It means my risk for Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, strokes, aneurysms, high blood pressure, pressure on my joints and SO MUCH MORE has DECREASED! My heart is no longer working super duper extra hard to pump blood through my body. SO COOL!!! My ultimate desire is to help you feel the same way using the tools that have helped me lose 30 of the 50 pounds. Let’s start working together and making things happen. And please know this was ALL possible because of SUPPORT, LOVE, and KIND words!

Migraine free!

Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY! Yesterday a question was asked of me at the doctor’s office. “When was the last time you had a headache?” Honestly, because of some M&M’s I ate a couple of weeks ago. “And before that?” Ummmmmmmm….. (crickets)….. pulling out phone to check calendar. HOLY SMOKES! July?!?!?!?! That can’t be right. But it is! Migraines use to appear at least once or twice a month. And if you’re a migraine sufferer you understand the pain, the spinning, the nausea, can this room get any darker please feelings. And then after the migraine passes you’re dog tired for a couple days as your body heals. Not having a migraine for almost 3 months has been blessing! It truly amazes me how changing your diet and adding some heart pumping exercise really helps eliminate A LOT of health risks seen today.

No vacancy for temptations here!

Isn’t it amazing how mowing the lawn is a lot like life? You give a good yank with the plastic handle connected to the string which is magically connected to the engine in the mower and VROOM! Away you go. You’re off to a great start walking along and CLUNK! The engine was shut off because too much debris was being fed into the mower. So you clear away the debris, restart the engine and away you go.

But then you notice the grass is too tall so the mower keeps clogging. You realize taking smaller sections allows you to walk at your own pace while still keeping the mower chugging along. Finally, you’re done! And the lawn look beautiful! Your HOA is happy. LOL! But isn’t is fascinating how life is the same way. We start our engine raring to go, we start walking and KERPLUNK – we’ve stopped. But we don’t allow this mountain to get in the way our success. We figure out how to move forward. We remove the temptations, regrets, rejections and doubts that start to cloud our mind. We start again because we’re worth it gosh dang it!

And sometimes we bite more than we can chew so we walk a little slower to our goal and then we speed up again. But no matter your pace or the time it takes for you to get to your goals, when you get there the reward is very sweet. So sweet that you jump in the air with a fist pump and exclaim, “I DID IT!!!!!!” with a beaming smile ear to ear. Yes, you did! It wasn’t always easy but you held strong and didn’t waiver. Happy Friday everyone!!! And yes, I mowed the lawn today and no, I didn’t get a notice from the HOA (this time). Hahahahaha!