Where do you want to be 21 days from now?

Did you know it takes only 21 days to break an old habit and form a new one? 21 days is a short amount time filled with a lot of potential.

In 21 days I learned how to no longer crave junk food. I stopped eating super late before bed time and late night snacking. My body started to crave real food without artificial flavors and preservatives. And those mid afternoon crashes, gone! “Bye, bye byeeeeeee! BYE, BYE!” – NSYNC 😂

The key to weight loss is CONSISTENCY. There is no magic pill. It’s about eating the right portions of food for YOU and getting in only 30 minutes of exercise just once a day. Exercise is something we all dread but I have found once you start seeing results you’re going to want to see more!! And that ONLY comes from eating healthful meals and exercising.

Once a month there are these for groups I run just for you. It’s for the busy parent(s) on the go, the person who thinks they can’t but takes it one day at a time. And these groups are private on Facebook. 👍

Don’t put limits on your success. Write down your goals and go for it! That what I did.

The next fit group is starting on November 28 and runs just 21 days. I would love to have you there! And BONUS!! You would be ahead of the game for any new year’s resolutions!! Win!!

Reach out to me and together we’ll set up a plan for you to achieve your goals.

Don’t give up when it get hard.


You are LOVED

Just for a sec, let’s face it and I’ll be real with you.

There is going to be a day that is tough, that may turn into days, weeks, months and even years. You’re on your last thread, ready to give up. Maybe you did give up and thought, “It’s not working. No one cares, why should I? What’s the point?”

Get rid of this thinking! Throw it away. FAR AWAY!! Throw it so far you’re impressed by your own pitch!!

We know when the going gets tough you either run away or stand up to plate. For 6 years I ran away. I ran away from knowing who I was and smiled when it hurt. I knew I needed help but was lost. I smiled to hide the pain. I became an emotional eater. I was depressed. I gained 65 pounds and developed a lot of could of, would of, should of, I wish I was _____ thinking. This was unhealthy for me, my friendships and my marriage.

I finally had enough. In July I reached out to a friend for help and never thought in a million years I would gain my confidence and happiness back. The woman I wanted to become that had been shut out by fear was starting to bloom again. I was feeling better physically, emotionally and mentally.

Life can be tough sometimes and other times it fills you with so much joy you’re heart could just burst with happiness!! When life gets tough, reach out to a trusted friend. Pray. Ask for wisdom.

In this life we’ll have temporary pauses that may last longer than we desire. And then we’ll have times when life moves so fast we’ll forget to slow down.

Cherish every single moment. Why? Because you are here, right now, for a reason and somebody loves you.

I thought I knew what to do

Before starting the 21 Day Fix I thought I knew how to lose weight. Diet and exercise! I kept track of my food intake and walked everyday – sometimes 3 miles, sometimes 10 miles! But no weight change to show for it except for weight gain. What?! Why?

Little did I know the foods I was eating was hindering my performance, sleep and moods. Everyday I was putting too much food on my plate and not enough good, healthy food to keep me full and feeling balanced.

Using the portion control containers opened my eyes to how much food we really need and how to incorporate a healthy diet into your every day life. I never knew how easy this could be. Fill the contain, put it on your plate, eat and lose weight! Simple yet so effective. I love how this program has made me realize the value of food and how important it is to eat well-rounded meals every day. It truly is life altering.


I’m so EXCITED!! Like cowing jumping over the moon excited that I’m almost of the verge of tears. I’m NO LONGER OBESE!!! What does this mean? It means my risk for Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, strokes, aneurysms, high blood pressure, pressure on my joints and SO MUCH MORE has DECREASED! My heart is no longer working super duper extra hard to pump blood through my body. SO COOL!!! My ultimate desire is to help you feel the same way using the tools that have helped me lose 30 of the 50 pounds. Let’s start working together and making things happen. And please know this was ALL possible because of SUPPORT, LOVE, and KIND words!